Zodiac Light Waves: Wi-Fi and Cybersecurity for the Elderly

Hesam Mahdavi, President and Co-Founder, Zodiac Light WavesHesam Mahdavi, President and Co-Founder
Some of the most overlooked areas for implementing, maintaining, and protecting wireless networks are retirement homes and long-term care centers. In recent years, the tech-Savy baby boomer generation are retiring and demanding a more robust wireless network with strong cybersecurity. Furthermore, as sophisticated smartphone apps quickly replace traditional nurse call equipment such as bells and pagers, the network infrastructure’s quality must match those needs. The emergence of online essential services like visiting physicians, financial transactions and every day tasks only add to the need for sound networking. The internet is now officially a critical infrastructure and falls under security protocols of other critical infrastructures like water and electricity.

As a result, establishing a reliable and secure internet connection at these facilities involves a few key steps. First, a reliable network architecture must be deployed in the establishment. Then, a secure connection must be set up—one that can prevent any potential incidents of data breach. And finally, to tie it all together, a good backup and recovery system must also be installed to retrieve information in the event of cyber attack.

As a specialist network service provider in the enterprise space, Zodiac Light Waves leverages Fortinet solutions to provide secure and reliable networks across residential homes and long-term care centers. The company offers a whole suite of Fortinet network solutions to retirement homes and long-term care centers, handling Wi-Fi deployment and troubleshooting, cybersecurity, nurse calls, VoIP, wireless admin phones and internal networking.

Zodiac Lightwaves additionally trains residents and staff on cybersecurity. It firmly believes that most cyberattacks occur due to a lack of education on cyber threats rather than inadequate equipment. The company conducts webinars with its clients to teach them about the types of cyber threats. It educates members of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and the Ontario Retirement Community Association (ORCA) about various cyber attacks and how to prevent them. Furthermore, Zodiac conducts Cyber Threat Assessments (CTA) wherein it deploys a Fortinet firewall in their client’s facility free-of-charge.

Since 2006, We haven't had a single customer of Zodiac whose data was breached or lost

The firewall listens to the network’s incoming and outgoing requests and generates a report that displays the cybersecurity gaps in their network system. Based on the report; the companies can then take measures to reinforce their security.

Zodiac caters to clients from all stages of tech adoption. They can work with clients who need to set up a network from scratch, in which case Zodiac will conduct an active and passive site survey and inspect the building to find access point locations that give excellent Wi-Fi coverage, using Ekahau software. It then provides a custom security platform in its proposal and learns of the security policies the client wants in place. Zodiac then trains the staff on basic cybersecurity procedures to mitigate cyber risks.

For clients with outdated systems, Zodiac helps them upgrade to solutions that counter modern threats. The company brings clients onboard and implements state-of-the-art solutions to get their network up to speed with the current technology. Zodiac Light Waves will provide UpToDate network security algorithms and at the same time plan for possible cyber attacks in order to keep the business running even after a breach happens. Their focus then, is on prevention, mitigation and recovery As a result, Hesam Mahdavi, VP and Co-Founder of Zodiac Light Waves, gladly states, “Since 2006, We haven’t had a single customer of Zodiac whose data was breached or lost.”

Zodiac is also a powerful ally to those whose network security is already breached, helping them diagnose vulnerabilities and facilitate recovery and business continueity. The team gauges the damage caused by the cyberattack and then help the customer to recover from attack, and after recovery help them to find their vulnerabilities.

Zodiac Light Waves invests continually in R&D to develop new solutions to better serve the elderly residing in retirement homes and long-term care centers. As a result of this endeavor, the company released a nurse call system with high accuracy contact tracing between residents and staff last June. Zodiac is developing virtual games for the elderly to play as their movements are restricted due to the pandemic. Also, the organization continues to reach out to other communities and teach them to prepare for cyberattacks with upcoming cybersecurity webinars. Hence, its proactive approach to protecting the elderly from cyber threats will hopefully yield positive results.
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Zodiac Light Waves

Zodiac Light Waves

Ontario, Canada

Hesam Mahdavi, President and Co-Founder

Zodiac Light Waves is a network service provider company that utilizes Fortinet to provide an efficient network in residential homes and long-term care centers impervious to cyber-attacks