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Neil Desai, CEO, ZIMENeil Desai, CEO
Similar to how bridges connect isolated islands with the mainland to bolster trade, organizations make use of modern technologies to link their siloed business operations, enhancing productivity and revenue prospects. However, today, with a variety of emerging technologies promising streamlined business operations, most enterprises are deploying tech-based products in a disorderly manner, only to fail in reaping optimal organizational benefits. Enter ZIME, a company that leverages premier partnerships with leading technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Fortinet, and more, to effectively deliver IT solutions in the realm of cybersecurity, networking, virtualization, IoT, and cloud solutions. ZIME’s profound technological and business expertise, coupled with its prowess in strategic consulting and IT support services, makes it a go-to company that addresses both technology and business needs of a company.

Among the various partnerships that ZIME has established over the years, its collaboration with Fortinet has played a vital role in the company’s unparalleled success in helping businesses with their enterprise security needs. A platinum-level Fortinet partner, ZIME’s relationship with the well-known cybersecurity solution provider, began in 2007. “With Fortinet’s range of endpoint security solutions married to our comprehensive implementation services, we effectively facilitate end-to-end protection from cyber threats for our customers,” explains Neil Desai, CEO of ZIME. Keeping businesses’ goals in mind, ZIME has successfully used a multitude of Fortinet’s products to offer fully managed IT solutions for security auditing, consulting, vulnerability assessment, network monitoring, data protection, and access control.
Highlighting ZIME’s efficacy in delivering Fortinet’s security offerings is a case scenario where the company helped a client effectively implement Fortinet’s FortiMail solution. The client was receiving an enormous amount of unregulated spam emails, which raised serious concerns about the company’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. ZIME not only helped the client by deploying Fortinet’s FortiMail solution and bolster its email service but also leveraged a customer-centric engagement model to provide ongoing support after implementing the solution. Today, the client is able to streamline the regulation of its incoming emails, introduce intelligent grading of spam emails, and manage and secure the overall email service efficiently. “Although in this scenario, the client was clear about using Fortinet’s FortiMail solution, there are numerous instances where our clients have no apparent understanding of their cybersecurity challenges or the solutions they need to tackle the problem,” informs Desai. In those situations, ZIME’s experience in the cybersecurity landscape comes in handy. ZIME provides extensive consulting services to help such clients understand the nuances of different cybersecurity solutions before customizing or implementing those.

At the core of ZIME’s continued success in the managed IT solutions landscape is its unmatched customer-centricity. “Thus, to ensure that in every stage of our growth we deliver outstanding services to our clients, we place great emphasis on enhancing the technical expertise of our workforce, creating sustainable relationships with clients, and maintaining premier partnerships with leading technology companies,” mentions Desai. Treading ahead, ZIME aims to offer more of such cutting-edge services with a heightened focus on leveraging technologies such as IoT and cloud computing. The company also has plans to expand its geographical horizon in Saudi Arabia, apart from its Al Khobar office, which has been operational for few years. Keeping these objectives in mind, Desai and his team are poised to transform the managed IT solutions industry in the coming years.
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Manama, Bahrain

Neil Desai, CEO

Leverages premier partnerships with leading technology companies such as Fortinet, and more, to effectively deliver IT solutions in the realm of cybersecurity, networking, virtualization, IoT, and cloud solutions