UTOPIUX: The Fortinet Security Fabric Expert

Luis Gómez, CEO, UTOPIUXLuis Gómez, CEO
During the last quarter of 2006, before UTOPIUX was founded, the firm’s CEO—Luis Gómez— analyzed the different security solutions available in the market. After studying more than a dozen of them, he chose the solutions provided by a cybersecurity company, Fortinet. “Over the years, the evolution of Fortinet solutions, as well as their channel policy, has confirmed my faith in them. We have worked with them for more than 12 years now, and this collaboration has allowed us to gain an in-depth knowledge of all their solutions,” explains Gómez.

For the last five years, Spain-based UTOPIUX is a Fortinet Gold Partner, precisely called a ‘Security Fabric Expert.’ Leveraging its partnership, in 2016, the company started an online store——to commercialize Fortinet’s solutions across Europe. Today, UTOPIUX implements as well as supportsthose solutions in the cybersecurity space. With cyberattacks becoming more advanced than ever, businesses need detailed knowledge of these attacks in order to provide appropriate security solutions to their customers. The UTOPIUX team understands the loopholes in customers’ security infrastructure and leverages Fortinet’s portfolio to address their needs and reduce the cyberattacks. “We know that 100 percent security is not possible, but each new element that we incorporate into the client’s security architecture lowers the probability of cyberattacks,” says Gómez.

Having assisted a multitude of private and governmental organizations, UTOPIUX has identified four main attack vectors—email, web applications, penetration through the Internet connection and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
To protect each of these mediums of attacks, UTOPIUX employs Fortinet’s solutions such as FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiDDoS, and FortiSandbox. The company has recently implemented FortiGate and FortiMail for one their clients. In this use case, the FortiGate log was used to detect the presence of ransomware in the emails that the client received on a regular basis. The cluster of FortiGate espied the attachments with malicious content that endangered the client’s data. However, FortiGate proved to bemoderate for emails, and hence UTOPIUX recommended the FortiMail Cloud Gateway solution to the client, which removed the viruses from the mails and sent them to the client’s mail server. In this instance, FortiMail acted as the new security layer to inhibit the cyberattacks and thereby enabled the client to receive virus-free emails in the FortiGate cluster.

Besides providing comprehensive Fortinet solutions, UTOPIUX offers consulting services designed as per every customer’s security requirements. These services focus on client’s security architecture, their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, allowing them to establish a master plan for continuous development. UTOPIUX also builds Managed Security Operations Center to monitor the activity of client’s security devices around the clock and identify the possible security attacks or threats. This service is widely accepted by both public administrations as well as private entities, owing to several benefits assured by it. The UTOPIUX services are supported by a team of professional experts who are accustomed to working hand in hand with state government agencies, regional governments, municipalities, and chief information security officers (CISOs) of renowned companies in Spain.

Currently, UTOPIUX caters to the clientele in Spain along with the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Algeria, Morocco and others. “We wish to expand our presence all across the Spanish territory and based on the economic evolution, we will also look forward to leaving our footprints in other countries in Europe and maybe The Americas,” concludes Gómez.
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Murcia, Spain

Luis Gómez, CEO

Implements and supports different Fortinet solutions in the cybersecurity landscape