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Top10 Fortinet Partner Service Companies - 2021

In 2020, there were many rapid changes on a global scale as organizations across the world attempted to adapt to a new normal caused by the pandemic. Amid this shift, there were significant developments seen across the cyberthreat landscape. Going into 2021 and beyond, we faced another significant shift with the rise of new intelligent edges, which is about more than just end-users and devices remotely connecting to the network.

The FortiGuard Labs’ threat predictions for 2021 estimated the strategies that cybercriminals will leverage in the coming year and beyond. This includes, but is not limited to, predictions and insights on intelligent edge computing, 5G-enabled devices, and advances in computing power, as well as the new wave of advanced threats that will undoubtedly arise as a result. Over the past several years, this annual predictions report has touched on such issues as the evolution of ransomware, the risks of an expanding digital business footprint, and the targeting of converged technologies—especially those that are part of smart systems such as smart buildings, cities, and critical infrastructures. It has also considered the evolution of morphic malware, the grave potential of swarmbased attacks, and the weaponization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Some of those have already come to pass, and others are well on their way.

To this end, Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network. Whether you are securing your internal network, internet access, putting applications in the cloud or protecting your manufacturing operations from the outside business network, the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture enables digital innovation and next generation security infrastructure.

The Fortinet platform includes firewalls with integrated routing, wireless platforms and the ability to enable secure remote access to your network, and Secure SD-WAN that is certified for Industrial Network Environments with Ruggedize appliances for the Operational Technology. In addition, Fortinet has best-in-class management tools to help you centralize management across multiple devices (FortiManager) and central analysis of your network traffic (FortiAnalyzer).

We present to you, Top 10 Fortinet Service Companies - 2021

    Fortinet Partner Service Companies

  • Founded over two decades ago, Thrive has been consistently successful in improving the operational efficiency and security compliance of hundreds of companies. The company specializes in helping a business establish a hybrid cloud environment, implement new disaster recovery strategies, and improve application performance across the enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Thrive’s platform is powered by ServiceNow’s Cloud computing software and customer engagement applications. Thrive’s clients can quickly and securely access a customer portal that offers self-service and reporting features, enabling them to enjoy the privileges of ServiceNow’s software as well. The platform automates redundant IT processes, including miscellaneous tasks like resetting passwords and orienting fresh hires in the company

  • Xylotek Solutions offers the premier IT services provider in Ontario. Their experience serving clients in a wide array of industries, along with their flexibility, knowledge, and outstanding customer service gives them an unmatched perspective to design, implement and maintain all aspects of your IT environment. The firm delivers a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Services, IT Support Services, IT Outsourcing, Remote IT Support, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage and VoIP services to small and medium-sized businesses

  • Dura Tech

    Dura Tech

    Dura-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is a technology solutions provider servicing business, educational, healthcare and government clients throughout the Midwest. The firm’s professional services team works with client’s to define and develop IT goals and strategies and then helps provide the integration, implementation and the on-going support necessary to make them successful. Their expert staff can help with all technology needs from small business networks to city wide implementations

  • Frixtel


    Frixtel provides solutions for large telecommunications service providers throughout Latin America. With SSPP agnostic to the different manufacturers in the market, driving new business and optimizing OPEX. Their operations team has experienced engineers and field technicians who perform installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure works for both the internal and external plant or customer sites

  • Istonish


    At Istonish, their singular goal is to help individuals, organizations, and community be great. For nearly three decades Istonish has helped companies build, hone and helm their IT—keeping them at the forefront of their industry. The firm believes that the best technology solutions stem from curiosity, collaboration and expertise. They are there for customers 24/7

  • Norcom Communications Solutions

    Norcom Communications Solutions

    Norcom is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the SME and Enterprise client. Their strength is in integrating technology with your business process, working with business stakeholders and IT to create an environment that is both effective and cost efficient. Norcom has the expertise to provide a turnkey platform from the ground up- developing an infrastructure, establishing a core platform with the presences and collaborative applications, setting up connectivity, structuring disaster recovery solutions, and offering creative methods of financing to combat the inevitability of aging technology

  • Pathway Communications

    Pathway Communications

    Founded in 1995, Pathway Communications is a single-source provider of premium technology infrastructure, IT support and management, Internet, and telephony services to companies across Canada and the United States. Pathway employs over 150 qualified and trained staff in three continents and operates fully-equipped data centers in Markham, Toronto, and Montreal. Pathway’s managed Internet, cloud and colocation services are available across Canada are used by thousands of companies

  • Radiant Networks

    Radiant Networks

    Radiant Networks represents the vision and values of its employees and clients alike. A passion for wireless and an understanding of how it can shape your business to be more competitive in today’s economy drives us towards excellence. Their collective experience spans decades, long before secure wireless and mobility were mainstream in the enterprise. The firm’s engineers draw on their broad experience, acquired from all major OEM manufacturers, and experience in verticals such as Healthcare, Supply Chain, SLED, and Higher Education

  • SpartanTec


    SpartanTec, Inc. is an Internet Security Solutions company providing enterprise-wide security products and services to small and medium sized businesses in Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Florence, Columbia, and Greenville SC. SpartanTec, Inc. keeps networks safe, secure, and fully operational. Their staff of experts can design a customized IT Management and computer network maintenance solution for your organization

  • TCE Company

    TCE Company

    Founded in 1985, TCE Company, Inc is a privately-held technology company, headquartered in Chicago and specializing in the development and integration of Mission-Critical HD-Audio solutions. The firm is a 11-time Allworx Platinum-level dealer and one of the largest and highest-trained Allworx support organization outside the manufacturer, offering live USA-based Client and Technical Services to help organizations scale up and grow, comply with ever-changing regulations, and stay one step ahead of their competition