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Top 10 Fortinet Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, using tools such as machine learning and AI to take advantage of the expanding attack surface and bypass traditional safeguards. Faced with endless alerts and a flood of data being collected from endpoints, network and IoT devices, cloud environments, and other areas, organizations are struggling to keep pace, let alone stay ahead of threats. Going the “last mile” to make threat intelligence actionable typically involves human interaction, where it doesn’t necessarily need to. This means that intelligence is sometimes not applied to security controls as quickly as it could be when cybercriminals are moving at an even faster pace, exposing further risk in systems.

Some of the fundamentals of cybersecurity still apply today as they did years ago, hygiene and training for example, but what I have seen in recent years is an increase in sophistication from cybercriminals. Attackers are starting off with enumeration techniques, attempting to establish persistence, escalating privileges, and injecting additional systems within an organization as their basic attack.

FortiGuard Labs, the global threat intelligence and research team of Fortinet, has brought together some of the most knowledgeable threat hunters, researchers, analysts, tool developers, and data scientists in the industry, located in research labs around the world. But that’s just the start. FortiGuard Labs has been around for two decades building a unique network of threat intelligence which is key to following real time movements of attackers, across the entire attack surface worldwide. Over the past decade, FortiGuard Labs has also designed, trained, and delivered one of the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms in the industry to augment the efforts of the FortiGuard Labs team. Combined, our primary mission is to provide Fortinet customers with the industry’s best threat intelligence designed to protect them from malicious cyber-attacks.

We present to you, “Top 10 Fortinet Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Fortinet Consulting/Services Companies

  • Dura-Tech Enterprises offers security solutions such as firewalls, DNS security, network monitoring, and SIEM services. The company manages the patching and security updates of workstations, servers, switches, firewalls, and everything within networks for finance, insurance, public safety, and services companies. To secure clients’ systems from attacks, Dura-Tech applies various layers of security into the systems and networks. With the in-depth assessment of technology and networks, the company identifies the security loopholes, network setups, or configurations that need to be addressed and then deploys the necessary solutions. Partnering with Fortniet, Dura-Tech delivers security solutions that help businesses achieve maximum productivity by securing and keeping IT systems operational.

  • Xylotek assists SMBs in dealing with internal as well as external security challenges and threat-proofing their technology change. With its primary security partner, Fortinet, the company implements endpoint protection, layers on cloud components, as well as advanced email threat protection software for small and medium-sized businesses. Xylotek also leverages the Fortinet Security Fabric that links various security sensors and tools together to collect, coordinate, and respond to malicious behavior that occurs on an organizations’ network in real-time. Taking a proactive approach to security, the company invested in the managed SIEM product from AT&T/AlienVault to monitor their clients’ network and server for potential security threats and deliver real-time analysis and response on security alerts.

  • 4AC


    4AC’s focus is on providing top-quality SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) consulting, implementation and support services. Most of their customers are from the financial sector working in brokerage, cybersecurity insurance, and defined contribution companies. The firm has more than 10 years of experience working with top tech companies like IBM and Micro Focus. In 4AC they offer on site and remote support to clients with the SLA your organization needs. The main goal is to achieve granular monitoring, providing risk and threat detection

  • CONNECT Professional Services

    CONNECT Professional Services

    CONNECT Professional Services is an Information Technology services provider founded in 2009 with a vision to be recognized as a leading provider for IT services that combine trust, quality and proficiency. Since the corporate inception, the firm strives to assist their customers in overcoming the challenges associated with deploying and operating IT technologies and solutions to help them establish and sustain a successful business. The firm’s service offerings cover wide range of state-of-art technologies and they are designed to address the challenges faced by the customers during the entire life cycle of the technology deployment

  • MEC Networks

    MEC Networks

    MEC Networks Corporation is the country’s premier ICT Distributor of Choice – offering an array of excellent world class and state-of-the-art Solutions, Technologies and Infrastructure – all in one complete platform. Since its inception in 1995, MEC has never ceased to constantly deliver in the development of Information Communications Technologies infrastructure in the Philippines, contributing global ideas, brands and products to the market. When it comes to ICT infrastructure, design, set-up and deployment, the firm ensures that the Philippine market is at par if not better compared with the rest of the world

  • Node4


    Node4 is dedicated to serving fast-growing businesses with the most effective and flexible application of technology, leaving them free to focus on what they do best. Since 2004 Node4 has achieved great success and rapid growth based on its unrivalled customer service, market-leading customer retention and comprehensive service offering. Node4’s state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities, located in Derby, Leeds, Northampton and Reading, offer the latest in security technology, ensuring that even the most mission-critical applications are hosted securely and protected. Its competencies include cloud, colocation, managed hosting through cloud and virtualized environments, connectivity, SIP trunking and hosted telephony

  • Reliance acsn

    Reliance acsn

    Since 2003, Reliance acsn has been delivering vendor-independent IT security infrastructure services to global brands. At their core, they have a specialist team of highly accredited IT security consultants and engineers. The firm’s mission is to offer quality IT security management services, carefully tailored to client’s needs, for as long as they want. Reliance acsn gives the best balance of security, cost and convenience for client’s company profile, helping them invest intelligently to keep their business secure and compliant

  • Secure Sense

    Secure Sense

    Secure Sense is a leading IT security solution provider, and Canada’s Fastest-Growing IT firm for the second consecutive year. Led by expertise the firm’s technical and sales teams specialize in Security, Infrastructure and Cloud solutions and excel in product implementation. From smaller organizations to enterprise size, the firm offers a range of custom services and solutions to always optimize return on investment for client’s security expenditures. Services include: managed, professional and risk advisory services, professional training and product reselling. Through a unique best-of-breed approach, and innovation protection practices, Secure Sense has become a trusted advisor to some of Canada’s largest enterprises

  • Simnet


    Simnet provides Managed IT services, Private Cloud and Managed Security Services, protecting businesses with high-quality end to end IT solutions. By partnering with Simnet client’s receive a balance of in-house and cloud IaaS and Security services tailored to their needs. Simnet prides itself on staying abreast of the latest technology solutions and thrive on the challenge of customizing them to continually meet client's business needs and goals



    UTOPIUX is an expert in the implementation of Cybersecurity and Network solutions. The firm develops and advise on the configuration of all types of business networks. Cybersecurity solutions UTM Firewall with the most important manufacturers in the sector. Also they provide the necessary services for the adaptation of organizations to the requirements established by the Official Data Protection Law and the National Security Scheme. UTOPIUX has the most competitive prices in the market in such a way that allows them to consolidate and maintain the trust of their clients