Proseth Solutions: Bringing Fortinet Solutions to Cambodian Market

Mr. HengSeakleang, Proseth SolutionsMr. Soth Ratanak
To ensure the health and safety of employees amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, many enterprises have adopted work-from-home measures. This transition of the working model has exposed them to a myriad of security threats. A significant one among these threats is the zero-day attack that exploits unknown security vulnerabilities, for instance, infiltration of ransomware. While enterprises require new security solutions to combat modern-day malware and support the current scale of remote work, they are also challenged with the lack of visibility into networks, as it is commonly said, ‘we cannot protect what we cannot see.’ Further, security admins are faced with the difficulty of managing different technical products simultaneously due to the increasing demand for specific products to support decentralized networks.

A consulting-oriented company, Cambodia-based Proseth Solutions, addresses these challenges with robust Fortinet solutions ensuring secure network access to the remote workforce. Besides, the company provides an array of professional services, including data center, server storage, backup, virtualization, network & security, VoIP System, cloud solutions, training, and value-added support. “We ensure that our customers understand the solutions and protect themselves from any cyberattacks with our Fortinet solutions,” says Mr. Heng Seakleang, Business Development Manager of Proseth Solutions.

Proseth Solutions, by partnering with Fortinet, brings an extensive portfolio of solutions to manage risk and enable a robust security strategy. Whether it’s to secure remote working with the license less SSLVPN and two-factor authenticator or tackle the attack from DDOS with the help of Fortinet DDOS, the company effectively implements the Fortinet solutions to address the specific requirements of customers. To ensure smooth networking, multiple WAN links are required, amongst which the only one will be active at a given time. To this end, the company provides SD-WAN, which leverages multiple WAN links and chooses the right one applicable for the network.
Today Proseth Solutions is the only Advance Partner of Fortinet with secure SD-WAN specialization in Cambodia. However, the company encountered various hurdles in its journey to introduce Fortinet solutions in the Cambodian market. When they started out, many customers weren’t familiar with the brand. With the Fortinet vendor supporting and encourage both technology and business at the back, Proseth Solutions worked relentlessly to build the brand in the country and gain trust. The company educated the customers about the brand and thoroughly demonstrated each Fortinet product. Through the years, its dedicated team’s unabated effort proved successful with Fortinet’s current market in Cambodia reaching its peak. According to the sales report, Fortinet’s market share has significantly increased over the years and continues to be one of the best. “With continuous development and growth in terms of providing complete solutions and reinforcing trust, we ensure the surefooted presence of Fortinet solutions in the enterprise sector,” mentions Seakleang.

We ensure that our customers understand the solutions and protect themselves from any cyberattacks with our Fortinet solutions

Elucidating the efficiency of the Fortinet solutions provided, Seakleang highlights an instance wherein Proseth Solutions helped a company in the financial sector to connect seamlessly through its network. The firm with almost 50 branches had a complicated network structure and faced difficulty merging and connecting the branches for smooth operation. Few of the branches were located far from the HQ, and the only choice for connectivity was either 3G or 4G. By introducing Fortinet solutions, Proseth Solutions overcame the issues the customer faced and increased their productivity.

While there have been several new entrants in the security landscape over the years, Proseth Solutions continues to differentiate itself with trusted solutions and services, complying with strong business ethics. The company conducts technical training workshops to customers and extends support from trusted sales advisors and certified professional engineers. For the future, Proseth Solutions plans to launch Fortinet Manage Service and Office 365 Manage Service for solving the issue with limited security engineers. Further, the company aims to start a subsidiary company branch ‘Proseth Informatic’ that focuses on security consultant, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and cybersecurity training.
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Proseth Solutions is a consulting-oriented company, intending to fill in the market need for professional, customer-focused IT Solution Company. The firm will accomplish this by offering professional services to include Data Center, Server Storage, Back up Solutions, Virtualization, Network & Security, VoIP System, Business Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Consultant, Training, value-added support benefits such as “uptime guarantees.” Proseth Solutions’ develops long-term relationships within this segment, and earn their business