Proseth Solutions: The Cambodian Fortinet Champions

Ratanak Soth, General Manager, Proseth SolutionsRatanak Soth, General Manager
The biggest challenge faced by leading companies today is the emergence of new viruses such as zero day malware. This has created the requirement to develop new security solutions that can combat modern day malware. Another major hurdle is the lack of visibility into networks, which makes this scenario snowball into a bigger roadblock for organizations as it is popularly said, “you can’t protect what you cannot see.” A consulting-oriented company and a Fortinet Gold partner, Cambodia-based Proseth Solutions brings the desired capabilities to address these challenges with Fortinet solutions. The firm has an extensive portfolio of professional services including data centre, server storage, backup, virtualization, network & security, and cloud solutions along with training and value-added support.

Being the only Fortinet Gold Partner in Cambodia gives Proseth Solutions a significant edge. But how and why did the company choose Fortinet solutions to operate in the Cambodian market for the first time? Ratanak Soth, general manager of Proseth Solutions answers, “Back then, Fortinet was a leading provider of unified threat management firewall and enterprise firewall, but many customers in Cambodia weren’t familiar with this brand.” After deliberating on this, Proseth Solutions set an aim to work hard and in sync with the Fortinet team to build the brand in the country and gain trust in the market. Thereafter, Proseth Solutions left no stone unturned to educate clients about each of Fortinet’s products. The next few years showcased the results of the team’s hard work, and today, Fortinet has reached its peak in Cambodia. As their sale report indicates, Fortinet’s market share has exponentially increased over the years. In a market where various firms have tried entering the security landscape in the recent past, Fortinet continues to be one of the best.
This is an outcome of the perseverance demonstrated by the Proseth Solutions team, which has been consistently growing Fortinet’s presence in Cambodia a substantial manner. “We notice that many customers now acknowledge the supreme quality and tremendous advantages of Fortinet products,” mentions Soth.

Proseth Solutions effectively implements Fortinet solutions to protect its clients’ networks from zero day malware such as ransomware and further seeks to introduce Fortinet DDOS in Cambodia

By partnering with Fortinet, Proseth Solutions has helped various clients in building a competent security strategy. In an instance, the company assisted MFI, a firm with 50 branches that needed to merge and connect seamlessly. They had a complicated network structure as some branches were located far from the headquarters, and the only choice left was to connect either to 3G and 4G. With the introduction of the Fortinet solution, this problem was efficiently dealt with, increasing MFI’s productivity.

Over the years, Proseth Solutions has carved a unique niche for itself and Fortinet in the Cambodian market by conducting technical training workshops for customers and extending the support of trusted sale advisors and certified professional engineers. Another aspect that the Proseth Solutions team has focused on is the huge cost that the customers need to incur to ensure smooth networking. “We plan to tackle this problem by introducing SD-WAN. It can leverage all the links and apply the right one, which is suitable for the network,” adds Soth. The firm effectively implements Fortinet solutions to protect its clients’ networks from zero day malware such as ransomware and further seeks to introduce Fortinet DDOS in Cambodia. Additionally, to deal with the dearth of security engineers, Proseth Solutions will also Fortinet Manage and Office 365 Manage service for the Cambodian market in the near future.
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Proseth Solutions

Proseth Solutions

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ratanak Soth, General Manager

Proseth Solutions is the only Fortinet Gold Partner in Cambodia, delivering professional and customer-focused IT solutions