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Dimitris M. Yannoukakis, Partner, Pronet S.A.Dimitris M. Yannoukakis, Partner
Back in 2000, Fortinet started its journey with an aim to provide a physical firewall solution, FortiGate. As the company grew, it expanded its offerings to encompass various aspects of network security like intrusion prevention, application control, SSL inspection, etc. It even partnered with multiple organizations to provide its services to clients in every nook and cranny of the world. However, very few partner companies that provide Fortinet services have been able to keep up with its growing product portfolio and exercise efficiency while serving clients.

“We have been a Fortinet partner for the last 15 years and always succeeded to carry out demanding projects. A key factor was to certify our teams to Fortinet products. That’s why our company has always been able to protect clients’ assets from possible threats,” says Dimitris M. Yannoukakis, Partner, Pronet. The company selected Fortinet as a strategic partner due to its flexible and customizable solutions. Fortinet’s tested and proven technology and stable products eliminated Pronet’s need to design and develop their own security solutions, which enabled them to quickly address businesses’ needs. No wonder several organizations across the globe today recognize Pronet as their trusted network security partner.

More importantly, as Fortinet introduced new products, Pronet also evolved its service offerings. Over the last five years, Pronet began to include network security services like Software Defined WAN (SD-Wan), Web application protection, Application Delivery Controllers, and Identity Management in its portfolio. It also offers solution management and reporting services, and lately, the company began to provide its customers with endpoint security.

Information About Pronet

Along with the security services, Pronet has also launched two vertical products, Nefossys and Continuity Guardian, to ensure the safety of client data.


is a private cloud that customers can utilize to protect their assets. While leveraging the product, organizations can have two specific services—Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS). While the first one ensures the protection of business-critical information, the latter one supports businesses that require a simple cloud solution for backup of virtual and physical servers, Microsoft Office 365, and more.

Continuity Guardian,

on the other hand, is a Business Continuity Management Planning (BCMP) Solution that ensures quick recovery of a customer’s business operations after it survives a threat/disaster. The product streamlines the implementation of the BCM process and takes 80 percent less time than conventional BCM solutions. Continuity Guardian manages business continuity plan, at Pronet always focuses on customer satisfaction following the 4Rs principles: Relationships, Referrals, References, and Reputation. Providing exceptional services, taking on difficult projects, working with the best mechanics and engineers in the market has helped Pronet capitalise on the client trust built through all those years and build a respectful brand name.

We have been a topFortinet partner for the last 15 years and always succeeded in proving to our customer the value with secure and reliable solutions, supported by our own very certified technical teams. Pronet is and will be customer driven and focused on solutions that works

Taking A Snip Into How Pronet Works

Assessments and specific screening questions during the onboarding process are critical for Pronet engineers to understand their systems and business operations before executing a project or a service design. During the process, the company takes clients’ budget and workforce constraints into account, so they don’t oversell or overpromise. “This methodology values most of our customers. As a result, we expand our client base using word of mouth, for which we are more than proud, in addition to our marketing efforts and I am very happy to say that all the customers are satisfied to work with us over the years,” adds Dimitris. Pronet also advises on ways to maintain and manage the security solutions without the need for extensive external support. Last but not least, Pronet workforce keep on getting the latest trainings and certifications on multiple technologies to handle numerous aspects of a project with relative ease efficiently.

Not stopping there, Pronet offers 24x7 support to its customers regarding the services it provides adding extra value to its client partnerships. To achieve this, the company has a keen and well-organized support team to handle clients’ questions working closely together making sure support incidents are quickly resolved. In a bit more detail, all the queries are divided into various escalation levels depending on the expertise required to solve them to get the best and most efficient resolution. organization or department level, perform financial calculations for different scenarios and manage risks for the protected assets. The product provides reports as a key function so organizations can measure risk and budgeted mitigation actions. Forging such a comprehensive service offering with its extensive Fortinet expertise, Pronet has expanded its project delivery among 4 continents, in 35 countries ranging from the far-east of Asia to U.S.

Most recent projects

Pronet has very recently delivered a large-scale SD-Wan project, based on Fortinet products, including 300+ locations across the EMEA region, within 6m period. If you wish to find more, contact Pronet today.

What the Future Holds

Moving ahead, Pronet aspires to expand the use of Fortinet’s SD-WAN that creates a great value for more specific industries like the Maritime since the use of this technology creates highly secure and flexible networks for its clients. The company had also developed skills and methodologies to deliver OT security solutions and projects in Energy, Food and Beverage and Maritime industries, revolve around the specific requirements of Industry 4.0. “We will double our capabilities in the coming years to ensure the best network security for clients and further strengthen our Fortinet partnership” concludes Dimitris.
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Pronet S.A.

Pronet S.A.

Athens, Greece

Dimitris M. Yannoukakis, Partner

Pronet is a network security company that utilizes Fortinet solutions to secure its clients’ secure digital infrastructure. Along with using Fortinet, the company also provides additional security services like Software-Defined WAN (SD-Wan), Web application protection, Application Delivery Controllers, and Identity Management. Additionally, Pronet offers its clients two independent vertical products, Nefossys and Continuity Guardian, to ensure their business continuity and effective data recovery if their network infrastructure is compromised. Where Nefossys provides them with a private cloud to protect their assets, Continuity Guardian ensures the customer’s quick recovery after they survive a security threat