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Nerlim Corporation: Devising Security Solutions using IoT and Big Data

Sergio D’Ippolito, Co-founder and CTO, Nerlim CorporationSergio D’Ippolito, Co-founder and CTO
Although organizations across the globe have been deploying innovative, cutting-edge technologies and cloud-based services, many of them have not been able to devise a robust cybersecurity mechanism. Consequently, their CIOs continue to face problems in security frameworks, which need to be addressed immediately. Especially with deployment of IoT and BYOD in enterprises, concerns over security have been on the rise. Considering these market dynamics, Nerlim Corporation brings functionalities to empower telecom service providers and their customers to have capable security frameworks in place. The company works toward simplifying day-to-day operations of these service providers in terms of cybersecurity management. “We develop cybersecurity products leveraging IoT and big data to deal with all kinds of cyber threats or attacks,” says Sergio D’Ippolito, Co-founder and CTO of the company.

Nerlim offers cyber security solutions capable to telecommunications companies. The company addresses various security concerns taking advantage of the functionalities and technologies of vendors so disparate in the market but complementary as ElevenPaths, Fortinet and Spamina, adopting a similar approach adopted by these partners, the solutions offered by Nerlim unify these security technologies deployed through digital networks within a security system. Fortinet’s security fabric integrates the security technologies including endpoint, emails, multi-cloud, network access points, and web applications using a common operating system and open standards simultaneously. These technologies are then improved through different integrated methods or technologies such as advanced threat protection technologies, unified management, orchestration, correlation, and analysis system. Adopting a similar approach, Nerlim too integrates IoT, big data, and cybersecurity to help its clients protect their data as well as the end user’s data from any kind of threats, in addition to this, the solution of Nerlim is agnostic to the security technologies and vendors, which allows to implement cybersecurity solutions independently of the vendor.

We develop cybersecurity products leveraging IoT and big data to deal with all kinds of cyber threats or attacks

Employing the useful functionalities of cybersecurity vendors, Nerlim builds vital solutions for its clients and focuses on empowering their end users. “With big data, we provide unique information to the network service providers based on their traffic profiles. We also help them invent different kinds of connectors in order to detect particular problems of each of their customers,” adds D’Ippolito. Nerlim analyzes the internet profiles of end users and shares the same with the service providers to help them analyze them for any anomalies. It further enables the service providers to deal with the threats, if any, to improve their value chain.

Nerlim’scybersecurity platform helps the service providers address all of their security-related problems after obtaining a better understanding of their end customers’ traffic profiles. The company at first tries to understand the nature of cybersecurity issues and accordingly delivers suitable solutions. “We are providing a different approach for this kind of traffic in order to alert the service provider and the end customer if the IoT device is being compromised. That’s the way we think that our solution needs to have the security for IoT and big data in a similar approach,” explains D’Ippolito.

Nerlimcaters to a multitude of telecom service providers with its offerings among which stands out Telefonica. Assisted by a team of experienced and dedicated employees, Nerlim extends the best possible cybersecurity solutions to each of its clients. It also ensures that each of its employees has a specialization in his/her role to get the best out of them. Further, the company continues to innovate to enhance its cybersecurity offerings and aims to continue to promote IoT and BigData vendors.