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Nader Fathi, CEO and Founder, Kiana AnalyticsNader Fathi, CEO and Founder
The modern-day presence analytics (Wi-Fi analytics) is playing a key role in improving not only security but also sales and customer loyalty through personalized engagement. Spearheading the trend of advanced customer data analytics for maximum customer engagement is Kiana Analytics. As the team that built Fortinet’s cloud-based, Wi-Fi presence analytics and customer engagement solution FortiPresence™ PRO from the ground up, Kiana is making a splash in the areas of marketing and campaigning, space utilization, physical security, and staff optimization. Kiana is helping large enterprise and government organizations, including museums, convention centers, amusement parks, shopping centers/ malls, and corporate campuses to leverage a person’s location data for targeted security and engagement services.

“We analyze the signal exchanges between a person’s Wi-Fi and the nearest Fortinet Wi-Fi access point to understand his/her physical location and preferences. This orchestration helps us target the right customers and drive their revenue as well as enhance security,” says Nader Fathi, CEO and Founder, Kiana Analytics. As a result, when a user opts/logs into their e-mail, phone number, or Facebook account through the venue’s social Wi-Fi network, FortiPresence™ PRO sends all the user information to Kiana’s cloud platform. The platform allows venue owners to access comprehensive foot traffic data through simple dashboards. This data helps businesses optimize their customer engagement strategies and improve visitor experiences.

In one instance, Bobbejaanland Family Park, Belgium’s most popular amusement park, enhances their limitations in analyzing visitor’s preferences through Kiana’s deep analytics. By implementing FortiPresence™ PRO, this park ensured they are engaging customers to their best of capabilities to boost revenue. “By sensing greater foot traffic in the lines, they deployed more food carts nearby that increased their bottom line by twenty percent,” explains Fathi.

We help companies target the right customers and drive their revenue as well as enhancing security

In another instance, Messe Stuttgart, one of Germany’s largest convention centers, has been using Kiana since fall 2016 to improve operations, generate new business, and provide valuable marketing insight for exhibitors.

As many cities today are offering a myriad of leisure and entertainment activities such as concerts, fitness clubs, spas, and so on, safety has become the primary concern. To address evolving safety challenges, Kiana along with Fortinet partners are working in various cities to make them more secure and smart. The smart city project focuses on transportation hubs, campuses, malls, shopping centers, and critical infrastructure as they all have large foot traffic and a common IT infrastructure. By providing foot traffic data in real-time, Kiana assesses potential threats and enables smart cities to strategically redefine visitor experience. For the corporate world, Kiana offers staff engagement solutions by helping employees locate suitable workspaces, improved workspace management providing employees with superior experiences.

Beyond targeted marketing and safety, Kiana is working closely on a project with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using the Kiana Secure platform to provide border security at land, air and sea crossings. The solution is helping DHS in providing stringent security to airports and borders between the U.S. and neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada. This, in turn, is helping DHS to build remote awareness, create actionable alerts, and gain invaluable insights for visitor management. Putting in much effort on the security side, the company also fuses images from security cameras with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and ensures the safety of people, locations, and assets.

Kiana has a customer base in many different parts of the world that includes the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and parts of Latin America. Striding into the future, the company will be working with a carrier for a solution that leverages 5G technology. With the idea of covering the entire globe, Kiana Analytics along with its partners is moving from smart home and smart city to building smarter nations.
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Kiana Analytics

Kiana Analytics

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Nader Fathi, CEO and Founder

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