Top 10 Fortinet Solution Providers - 2018

Fortuna Business Management Consulting: Implementation Specialists

Jack Smith, CEO, Fortuna BMCJack Smith, CEO Virtually every modern business has access to the technology it needs: globalization and democratization of IT products and services have increased availability and reduced cost. However, many businesses struggle to turn their strategies into successes because of the improper implementations and support of those technologies: too many resellers focus on delivering high-end equipment and designing perfect solutions, but overlook the importance of effective implementation.

“First thing everybody points to—when a new piece of equipment doesn’t work as expected—is the equipment,” remarked Jack Smith, the CEO of Fortuna BMC (FBMC). He has witnessed this pinch point time and again in his decades-long IT career. FBMC was started in 2012 to help clients overcome the implementation challenges native to product deployments, including Fortinet-powered technology and the staffing necessary to run it, and has become an implementation specialist, delivering cost-effective solutions and client-specific staff and training. In fact, FBMC’s offerings have been an outgrowth of the needs of its customers—“It’s a great case of yin and yang” Smith reflected. “Our policy has always been to tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, but FBMC’s available services developed in response to our clients telling us what they needed.”

Reducing Complexity

FBMC specializes in value-added implementation services, providing turnkey solutions that add real value to the delivery. As a Silver-level strategic partner with Fortinet, FBMC’s successes with its delivery are a combination of FBMC’s experts’ ability to work across legitimate (and imagined) intertechnology barriers, and Smith’s proficiency in enterprise-IT implementation.

FBMC’s five core areas of expertise (project management, business analysis, process engineering, data security, and software development) have empowered the organization to apply a broad spectrum of technology when providing solutions. The Fortinet solution takes the proprietary nature of data security solutions out of the equation and enables clients to integrate various endpoints, firewalls and intrusion protection services from vendors of their choice.

Fortuna BMC focuses on automating and streamlining the right processes, not making bad processes faster

This capability, in particular, allows clients to collect and aggregate data from multiple products and data points across the entire organization, and harness a comprehensive view of altering protection measures and configurations. “We don’t just solve the data-security needs; we become a business-enablement partner,” said Smith.

Analyze, Understand, Design, Configure, Test

FBMC begins a project by analyzing and understanding the client’s business processes. Prior to designing the solution, the company reviews the client’s existing processes, policies, procedures and roles in the organization, seeking to improve existing systems rather than perform a complete rip-and-replace. This helps reduce the learning curve on core systems as well as lower costs. Always cognizant of the importance of the implementation process, FBMC pays close attention when designing, configuring and testing their solutions to ensure accurate business outcomes, limit downtime and reduce interruptions. “We focus on automating and streamlining the right processes, not just make a bad process faster,” explained Smith.

FBMC’s business analyses start along the same lines, reviewing all the existing documentation and processes in place for the client’s business. With a grasp of the client’s pain-points, Smith and company produce formal reports with recommended changes: these reports explain the reasons for recommendations, and help clients identify and procure the necessary technology to optimize business processes. FBMC also avoids adding hardware that would increase network latency to any business whose online presence maintains low network bandwidth.

Cost-Effective Business Capabilities On Demand

Integrated professional services are provided by FBMC in two service lines: technical consulting and staff augmentation. The staff-augmentation services are a customer-driven resource that Smith has populated with a network of IT professionals (another benefit of his years in the field). Clients benefit from Smith’s guiding hand on overall implementation delivery in the same manner, as he is a certified project manager and ScrumMaster. The FBMC CEO’s coach-and-overseer mindset has led him to take the unique approach of teaching-up underperforming personnel instead of replacing them, which he has found turns folks into “company folks”.
The same FBMC staffers can be hired by clients for on-site assistance, which increases operational support and cost flexibility, but the company also provides training for clients to operate and maintain their new platforms in-house.

In addition to enabling streamlined solutions, FBMC’s low overhead means the cost of doing business with the organization compares favorably in their sector. The long-term relationships FBMC builds with clients are meant to be self-sustaining. “When we put together a solution for our clients, we deliver the know-how for successful implementation and professional services that support it,” declared Smith.

A Case-Study of Effectiveness

Illustrating the efficacy of his company’s modus operandi, Smith highlighted a case wherein FBMC assisted a client setting up a security appliance that needed to align with an existing statewide environment. As one of the largest state-level system integrators in this field, the client operated a large technology platform—possessed of virtually every current technology in the security-solution spectrum—in a wide-ranging environment.

In the process of standardizing and normalizing this network infrastructure, one of the challenges was a shortage of qualified staff: FBMC augmented their client’s manpower with Virtual Private Network (VPN) experts. They also helped the client redesign the network on a broader scale, allowing Fortinet equipment to work within the environment. This enabled the client to begin a long-term migration plan using Fortinet, which is predictive of significant cost savings and standardization. FBMC worked closely with their client to build the strategies powering this migration, which will provide upgraded capabilities to over 70,000 users.

Looking to the Future

FBMC’s continuing growth has increased their personnel’s ability to deliver solutions to its clients. Their service-staffing and recruitment capabilities can deploy anywhere in the USA, and are guided by the steady hands of experienced project managers. With a look to the future, FBMC’s Smith spoke of plans. “We intend to acquire an offshore partner to increase Fortuna’s global presence, but we will stick to delivering affordable high-quality in-house services.”

FBMC’s specialization can be highlighted by their “2- 5”: business and IT consulting (1) combined with managed staffing (2); specializing in project management and implementation (1), business analysis (2), business-process engineering (3), data security (4), and custom development services (5). With an in-depth understanding of internal business processes, FBMC can swiftly provide their clients successful implementations and legitimate data security with a short list of tools.