4AC: Robust SIEM Services for the Finance Market

Jessica Mercado, CEO, 4ACJessica Mercado, CEO
Adecade ago, four friends vying to reinvigorate the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) space landed on the idea of establishing their own services company. This gave birth to 4AC, a firm offering robust SIEM consulting, implementation, and support services and committed to addressing the network security challenges of organizations. Incepted in Mexico, 4AC has radically evolved over the years through collaborating with established market leaders such as IBM and Micro Focus. With a fully functioning office is Spain, the firm is expanding its horizons to France, Italy, and Portugal.

Though 4AC was commenced owing to the entrepreneur zeal of four young people, the firm still follows an old school way of working to comprehend its clients’ needs. “Firstly, we examine the business of our clients to know their requisites and subsequently deploy the necessary cutting-edge services to meet goals,” asserts Jessica Mercado, CEO at 4AC. Next, the firm equips clients with the adequate tools and vendors who can be elemental in bridging their business gaps. Starting from planning, sizing, and installing, the firm plays an exemplary role in the entire deployment process to invigorate the IT security infrastructure of its clients. In this regard, 4AC has partnered with Fortinet, a company delivering broad, truly integrated, and high-performance security across the IT infrastructure. Both, the physical and virtual versions of FortiGate—the flagship enterprise firewall of Fortinet—enable companies to manage their network security comprehensively. Through collaborating with Fortinet, 4AC assists companies in sizing, implementing, and supporting the company’s wide range of tools, and more recently, in cloud firewall deployments.

“We are committed to leverage the existing infrastructure of our clients and aid them to bolster their overall performance. We also render 24/7 hands-on support, both, onsite and remotely to mitigate unprecedented breakdowns during threat monitoring,” adds Jessica.
In a recent customer survey, 99 percent of 4AC’s customers said they would recommend its services in the future. The firm’s cross-functional technical staff team and network infrastructure specialists are committed to providing seamless support to clients. 4AC also organizes training sessions on specific technologies including general networking and security knowledge to ensure that its clients can optimally manage their infrastructure. Having worked with many financial firms, 4AC provides a seamless way for its clients to adhere to the ever-changing regulatory standards in this space.

Since its inception, the firm has worked with many established leaders of the market and has helped them to attain their business goals. Jessica cites an example where the firm assisted one of its finance clients to address the bank switching problems of consumers. Before associating with 4AC, the client had issues with regards to security as they had to deploy personnel to verify each consumer transaction constantly. As a consequence, there had to be an employee deployed to oversee and cross-check each transaction. “We enabled them to build a network using dynamic protocol and high availability features to boost performance and increase agility in each of the transactions,” says Jessica. Additionally, 4AC also took stringent measures to ensure that their operation complied with the PCI DSS certification.

Going ahead, the firm intends to further improve its SIEM services and aid financial firms in managing all facets of their operations. On the geographical front, 4AC has plans to expand its footprint in the U.S. and help the incumbent players to meet their business needs. “The U.S. serves as the next vital cog of our expansion plans, as the market is looking for services that can aid them in deploying and configuring their IT security needs,” concludes Jessica.
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Jessica Mercado, CEO

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